Concept umbrella

The project was realized as a part of a term assignment at the Utility Model and Jewelly Design Workshop, organized by Slawomir Fijalkowski PhD (dr hab.) and Pawel Pomorski MA. The prototype was presented at the “3P Pomorski Potencjal Projektowy” (3P Pomeranian Design Potential) exhibition in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia.

The author’s description of her project:

The creation of a concept of a product as well-known as an umbrella gives the designer the possibility of showing their fresh idea and their sense of form. At the earliest stage an umbrella is merely a flat pattern made of material covered in carbon foil. Thanks to the precisely planned slits on the pattern it is possible to form the dome and attaching it to the handle. The groove in the dome directs the rain towards the back so that it falls down behind the user. The shape of the front of the umbrella protects the user from heavy rainfall. Another important element is the aerodynamic line preventing the umbrella from flattening in strong wind. When it is not raining, on the other hand, it is possible to fold the dome into a smaller size and carry by the handle.

The model on the photo: Irmina Jankowska

We care

We support talented people on their path to success

We support talented people. We were glad to help an Industial Design student from the Gdansk Art School, Malgorzata Szewczyk, with the creation of her original vision of an umbrella by milling an aluminium handle.