Om Osss

Techno Inox, established in 2012.

Om dig

If you want to convert your idea or design into a top-quality stainless steel, black steel or aluminium product, we believe we are the company you are searching for.

Våra tjänster

Among our services we offer: project design, machining of steel and aluminium, quality control, packaging, shipping, welding, turning, milling and polishing.

Vi bryr oss om samhället

We support talented people. We were glad to help an Art School student, Malgorzata X, with the creation of her original vision of an umbrella for the Design Milan exhibition, by milling an aluminium handle.

Vi är gröna

Steel is an almost 100% recyclable product. The wood that we use for packaging comes from renewable forestry. Together with the rest of our refuse it is later directed to recycling.

(Senaste) Nyheter

We are extending our offer to include wood and glass products as an addition to the steel constructions. Everything we supply is custom-made and tailored to your individual design. Is there anything we can do for you?