Manufacturing stainless steel and aluminum products

Manufacturing high-quality and customized stainless steel and aluminum products for a variety of industries.

We specialize in stainless steel pressure vessels for an individual order implementing projects requiring high precision.
Our priority is to support your business through:
• high-quality service and product
• transparent communication
• on-time delivery guarantee

We have great experience in welding. Our team will carefully take care of your project. Let’s talk about it!


With a modern approach to steel, we offer high-quality solutions for the most demanding clients. Our certified pressure vessels supply industrial facilities all over the world providing quality for the most complicated projects.

We manufacture single units as well as small-scale and large-scale series. Our production engineers coordinate the team of certified welders, grinders and turners also providing engineering service, consulting and design. We demand from ourselves an innovative approach to each project, finding creative solutions for problem-solving. The goal is your satisfaction and peace of mind, which is why we care about open communication and transparency.

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The steel industry applies many ironclad principles, which is why we only use technologies that allow us to undertake demanding orders. We work only with certified specialists, using renowned brands machines and materials.
Technologies we use:
• TIG and MIG welding
• stainless steel and aluminum processing
• milling and turning
• cutting
• bending
• laser.

Our engineers, certified welders and the rest of the team will take care of your order from A to Z. Contact us!

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Stainless steel and aluminum welding, bending, cutting, milling. Manufacturing pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other.


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Our goal is to minimize environmental impact. We take care of steel recycling, we acquire wood from renewable crops and buy locally.

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